Fringe Festival 2024!

“All Hell shall stir…”

Because our love for Shakespeare knows no bounds, and because we had such an amazing experience in 2017, GLP is taking Shakespeare’s Henry V to the International Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2024.

The show will be an intimate and unique staging of Shakespeare’s classic history play.  A small ensemble will tell the thrilling tale of Henry V, as he struggles to fulfill his royal legacy by taking his country to war. Staged in the round, this devised theatre piece will combine modern music, deadly combat and Shakespeare’s timeless language to show us the bloody cost of war.

The Team

We are thrilled to introduce our Fringe Production Team, as well as our marvelous Cast!

Production Team:
Kat Alix-Gaudreau
Amy DeMar Dubois
Cliff Dike
Will Gelinas
Krisha Hoyt-Mackler
Brent Leibowitz
Delenn Martin
Jacob McDonald
Lori Rabeler

Taylor Acevedo
Paul Cushing
Jennifer Drummond
Jonathan T. Dunlea
Catherine Haverkampf
Natalie Hebert
Gus Hebert
Michelle Leibowitz
Chris JM Maloney
Rob Slotnick
Alex Wersted

Support our Journey

Taking a show to the International Fringe Festival is a tremendous undertaking.  In order for us to be successful, we need a lot of help.  You can be part of the fun, and contribute to our adventure, in a number of ways:

First, a monetary donation is extremely helpful to us.  You can donate to us directly by contacting us at

Second, you can share our story!  Spreading the word about Ghost Light Players and our exciting journey to the Fringe Festival is a great way to get other people involved and garner us additional support.  You can share this website, as well as our Facebook page ( and our Instagram profile (

Third, you can come see our show!  Either in Scotland (Fringe Box Office) or by attending our local performance in Marlborough MA on August 3 (more information to follow), we’d love to have you in the audience to cheer us on!

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