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Pippin Auditions

Join us… for Stephen Schwartz’s captivating musical PIPPIN.  A young man searches for an extraordinary life and finds meaning and fulfillment in the most unexpected places.  All roles available for casting!

Audition Dates:  May 17 & 18, by appointment only.  To make your appointment, please fill out the form below, or click here.  Audition Location: Fellowship Hall, First Church of Marlborough – 37 High Street, Marlborough MA.

Performances:  August 5-7, 2016.

Rehearsals:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday evenings, beginning May 31.  Occasional Sunday rehearsals, but only as needed.  All rehearsals will be at 37 High Street, Marlborough MA.

Children’s Audition:  by appointment.  Children’s auditions will be held on May 17 and 18 at 6:30 PM.  Please sign your child up for their audition by clicking here.  There is one child role in the show (Theo/Thea), but we are also looking for a double-casting or understudy for the part.  If you have any questions about the Children’s Audition, please contact us.  Audition Location: Fellowship Hall, First Church of Marlborough – 37 High Street, Marlborough MA.

Adult auditions will consist of a singing audition (16-32 bars of music from a musical theater show, with accompaniment – no a cappella), a dance and movement audition and a cold reading or improv audition.  Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time slot, to fill out any paperwork.  Please bring a headshot and resume with you, if available.

Once at the audition, please be prepared to stay for approximately 1 hour.  If you have any questions, please contact our Stage Manager.

Available Roles:
Leading Player – Masterfully charming and manipulative, the Leading Player is a chameleon of sorts. Guides Pippin through his own story and tries to intervene at the end. Gender: Either;  Vocal range top: Ab4 – Vocal range bottom: Db3.  Excellent Dancer

Pippin – Our story’s young and confused protagonist.  Naive, innocent, and discontent. Gender: Male – Age: 18 to 21 (will consider older, if right look). Vocal range top: Ab4 – Vocal range bottom: G2.  Strong dancer.

Charles (Charlemagne) – Pippin’s demanding father. As the King, he wears his years with great pride. Gender: Male.  Age: 40 to 60.  Vocal range top: E4 – Vocal range bottom: G2.

Lewis – Pippin’s half-brother.  Athletic, not-terrible-intelligent, self-involved, attractive.  Duet.  Baritone.  Good mover.

Fastrada – Pippin’s conniving stepmother. A seductress, who is no stranger to deceit and betrayal, she is both sexy and smart. Gender: Female.  Age: 35 to 45.  Vocal range top: F5 – Vocal range bottom: A3.  Strong dancer.

Berthe – Pippin’s saucy grandmother. A brassy broad full of wisdom, grace, and sass. Gender: Female.  Age: 60 to 70’s.  Vocal range top: C5 – Vocal range bottom: E3.  Good mover.

Catherine – A widow and mother. She is a beautiful and a hopeless romantic, who possesses graceful elegance. Gender: Female. Age: 25 to 35. Vocal range top: Db5 – Vocal range bottom: F#3.

Theo/Thea – Catherine’s child.  Gender: either.  Age:  7-10.  Basic singing, moving.  Comfortable with comedic timing and working with adults.

Ensemble – Charlemagne’s Army, Monks, Nobility, Peasants, The Players.  Seeking a variety of excellent singers, dancers and actors.  Any age range, any gender.  Good comedic timing needed.  This show is a heavy ensemble piece, so the ensemble will be as competitive as any named role.


Actors cast in Ghost Light Player productions are not required to pay membership dues, show fees, or sell a minimum number of tickets/ads.  We value your time and contributions as actors.  We do expect that you will engage in and contribute to the creative process and abide by our GHOST LIGHT PLAYERS POLICIES at all times.

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