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Auditions for Urinetown!

Auditions: Sept 15 & 16, 7 – 10 PM by Appointment Only.  Callbacks: Sept 17,  7 PM
First Church in Marlborough, 37 High Street, Marlborough MA

In an attempt to regulate water consumption, Urinetown has outlawed the use of private toilets. The citizenry must use public, pay-per-use amenities owned and operated by Urine Good Company, a malevolent corporation run by the corrupt Caldwell B. Cladwell. Urinetown is a musical satire of the legal system, capitalism, social irresponsibility, populism, bureaucracy, corporate mismanagement, municipal politics and musical theatre itself.

Please prepare 16-32 bars of music to perform, from any musical theater show. Sheet music must be in the appropriate key. No a cappella performances, please.

Please also be prepared to do cold readings from the script, as well as improvisation. We ask that you dress in clothes you can move in and will ask everyone to participate in a short dance audition.

All roles are available for casting (see below for a complete list)!

Director: Kat Alix-Gaudreau
Music Director: Jeff Kimball
Choreographer: Michelle Liebowitz
Rehearsals: Sunday 1-4 PM and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7 – 10 PM
Performances:  November 13 – 15, 2015

Available Roles:

Officer Lockstock (Male, 35 – 55. Vocal Range: Bass/ Baritone)
Narrator of the show and leader of the Police. Some dance skills required.

Little Sally (Female, 18 – 35. Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano)
A poor street urchin who is also co- narrator of the show. Needs to be smallish in stature because she is the ‘child’ of the cast.

Bobby Strong (Male, Age: 20 – 30. Vocal Range: Tenor)
The “Hero” of the show and the assistant-custodian at the poorest urinal in town.

Hope Cladwell (Female, Age: 18 – 25. Vocal Range: Soprano)
Cladwell’s good hearted daughter. ability and good comic timing. Medium dance skills required.

Caldwell B Cladwell (Male, Age: 40 – 60. Vocal Range: Baritone or Bass Baritone)
CEO of Urine Good Company (UGC). Greedy and vicious villain of the show.

Penelope Pennywise (Female, Age: 40 – 60 range. Vocal Range: Alto – Mezzo)
The proprietor of Public Amenity Number # 9, the poorest urinal in town.

Senator Fipp (Male, Age: 40 – 60. Vocal Range: Bass)
A corrupt Senator who hides all his crimes through politics.

McQueen (Male/Female, Age: 30 – 60. Vocal Range: Tenor)
Cladwell’s head lackey

Hot Blades Harry (Male, Age: Open. Vocal Range: Tenor)
A poor, dangerous and unpredictable man.

Little Becky Two-Shoes (Female, Age: 18 – 30. Vocal Range: Soprano)
A poor, young woman.

Soupy Sue (Female, Age: Open. Vocal Range: Soprano)
An affectionate, poor woman in the gang who frequents Public Amenity Number # 9.

Tiny Tom (Male, Age: Open. Vocal Range: Bass/Baritone.
A confused man-boy. He is poor and frequents Public Amenity Number # 9

Robby The Stockfish (Male, Age: Open. Vocal Range: Baritone)
A poor rebel who frequents Public Amenity Number# 9.

Billy Boy Bill (Male, Age: Open. Vocal Range: Tenor)
A poor rebel who frequents Public Amenity Number # 9.

Joseph ‘Old Man’ Strong / UGC Executive (Male, Age: 40 – 60. Vocal Range: Tenor)
Bobby’s rebellious father. Doubles throughout the show.

Josephine ‘ Old Ma’ Strong (Female, Age: 40 – 60. Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano)
Bobby’s strong-willed mother. She is a poor woman.

Officer Barrel (Male, Age: 35 – 55. Vocal Range: Bass)
Officer Lockstock’s right hand ‘man’. He is his partner in all things criminal.

Cladwell’s Secretary / UGC Executive (Female, Age: Open. Vocal Range: Soprano)
Caldwell B Cladwell’s Head Secretary. Prim and proper in nature and look.

Mrs Millenium / UGC Executive (Female, Age: Open. Vocal Range: Soprano)
One of Cladwell’s office workers who aspires to be Cladwell’s Head Secretary.

Dr. Billeaux / UGC Executive (Male, Age: Open. Vocal Range: Bass or Baritone)
A scientist for Urine Good Company.

Police/ UGC Executives (Male/Female, Age: Open. Vocal Range: Various)
Will be featured as Cops and UGC Executives throughout the show. Strong ensemble – singing ability and comic timing required. Minimal dance skills required.

Actors cast in Ghost Light Player productions are not required to pay membership dues, show fees, or sell a minimum number of tickets/ads.  We value your time and contributions as actors.  We do expect that you will engage in and contribute to the creative process and abide by our GHOST LIGHT PLAYERS POLICIES at all times.

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