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Let’s Begin… again.

2020 and 2021 were strange years for all of us, and Ghost Light Players was largely shut down during the pandemic.  Much has changed in the world, both locally and globally.  We plan to begin 2023 with hope and joy, by producing the wonderful theater production of:

The Book of Will, by Lauren Gunderson

You can learn more about this play by visiting the Lauren Gunderson website.  Auditions for our production will be February 21 & 23, 2023 and the show will be performed the weekends of May 11-14 and May 18-20, 2023.

How can you be a part of this project?

If you have always wanted to be a part of a theater production, and join a welcoming community of fun and interesting people, then you are invited to audition or apply for one of our production roles.  See below for more information on how to apply or to register for auditions.

Who is invited to join in?

We welcome all voices to join this conversation and be a part of this work.  In particular, all gender identities and ages are welcome, as are all races and ethnicities.   We seek to create a fully inclusive story, and we will need many diverse viewpoints and experiences to do that.

Job Opportunities

Diversity Coordinator – Ghost Light Players seeks to hire someone to promote greater diversity amongst our production team, casts, and crews.  This is a paid position, working directly with our artistic director, executive producer and managing director.  Please email us directly for details, compensation and to apply.

Assistant Stage Manager – Ghost Light Players seeks to hire an experienced ASM for our upcoming production of Book of Will.  This is a paid position working directly with the artistic director and stage manager. Rehearsals, performances and production meetings will be in Marlborough, MA and some production meetings will be via video conference.

To apply for any positions, send resume and letter of interest by email, with the subject header: Position Application. Please arrange for 2-3 references that we may contact by email.

Amy Mae Photography
Amy Mae Photography

Audition Details

Auditions & Callbacks will be at the First Church in Marlborough, 37 High St, Marlborough, MA 01752.

Auditions are Tuesday, February 21 and Thursday, February 23, from 7 PM – 9:30 PM.

We ask that you sign up for auditions by clicking on the Register for Auditions button below.  Each person will have a 20-minute block of time for their audition.  We ask that you arrive approximately 10 minutes before your time slot begins, to sign in and fill out any additional paperwork.

Callbacks will be on Sunday, February 26 from 1 PM – 5 PM.

If you have questions about the audition process, please contact us directly.


At Ghost Light Players, we try to make the audition process as stress-free as possible.  Initial auditions are held in small groups, and you will meet the production team before your audition begins.  Each person will be asked to come with either a short prepared monologue (contemporary or classical – your choice), or will be provided with copies of a short monologue to perform (also called a “cold reading”).  Auditions tend to last about 20 minutes, though you may be at the space longer than that.

Callbacks will be held on Sunday, February 26.  These are done with everyone working in the room together, and have more of a low-key, workshop feel.  We notify everyone who auditions if they are being called back on Sunday, and we notify everyone of our casting choices within days of the audition.

Q: Do I need experience with Shakespeare?

A: Definitely not.

Whether you are a veteran performer of Shakespeare’s words, an avid fan, or have never read or seen anything by Shakespeare in the past, you are welcome to join in this production.  The script itself does include some of the Bard’s actual lines, but we will guide everyone through the truly fun (and painless) process of figuring out what’s being said and how best to approach those bits.  Don’t let Will’s name scare you off!


Amy Mae Photography


All roles are open for casting, and casting will be non-traditional:

Henry Condell: Feisty and hopeful, Henry is forty years old, Shakespeare’s friend, and actor in the King’s Men.
John Heminges: Reasonable and serious, John is fifty years old, Shakespeare’s friend, and financial manager of the King’s Men.
Richard Burbage: A seasoned lion of the stage, loud and proud, Richard is in his fifties and famous across England.
Elizabeth Condell: Savvy and fun, Elizabeth is Condell’s wife.
Alice Heminges: John’s daughter and alewife, Alice is thirty-five years old, knows everyone, is smart and independent.
Rebecca Heminges: John’s wife, Rebecca is strong, busy with their grocery business, and a woman who has weathered much but loves her family.
B. Jonson: Poet laureate of England and friend/rival of Shakespeare, Ben is an amazing drunk, a force of nature, and surprisingly weepy.
E. Knight: “Stage manager” for the King’s Men, Ed is self-serious and particular.
R. Crane: Humble scrivener of the King’s Men, Ralph is quick, sure, and quiet.
W. Jaggard: Successful if shady publisher of books, plays, and playbills. He is experienced, connected, and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
Isaac Jaggard: Jaggard’s son, Isaac will inherit the business. He is sensitive, an artist at heart.
Marcus: Printer’s apprentice at the Jaggard print shop, twenty-year-old Marcus is nosy but honest.
Compositor: Works for Jaggard, young.
Emilia Bassano Lanier: A fiery Italian feminist and poet, Emilia is fifty years old, an independent woman, and a lover of life (and of Shakespeare).
Sir/Lady Dering: A book and theatre lover, Dering is mature and the first customer of The First Folio.
Anne Hathaway Shakespeare: Shakespeare’s now ailing sixty-year-old wife, Anne is strong-willed, classy, a survivor.
Susannah Shakespeare: A daughter of Shakespeare, Susannah is thirty years old.
Young Hamlet: A young actor.
Barfly 1 & 2: Drunk ruffians.
Bernardo, Francisco, Horatio, Marcellus: Actors playing these roles
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