2018 Season

Welcome to our current season of shows and projects!

It’s a Wonderful Life

By Joe Landry
Directed by Kat Alix-Gaudreau

Performance:  Saturday, December 8th at 8 PM
Location: First Church in Marlborough, 37 High Street, Marlborough MA


Kat Alix-Gaudreau as Lana Sherwood
Jess Brennan as the Stage Manager
Jessica DePalo as Sally Applewhite
Quinton Kappel as Freddie Filmore
Jeff Kimball as Slappy the Piano Player
Jacob C. McDonald as Harry “Jazzbo” Heywood
and Joshua Wright as Jake Laurents

In what is now a beloved tradition at Ghost Light Players, the company will return to the 1940s and transform their stage into the studios of the fictitious WBFR Radio.  Five radio personalities will bring the story to life, through character’s voices, song and holiday humor.

This year, all profits from the show will be donated to the Marlborough Community Cupboard, our local food pantry.

Top Girls

By Caryl Churchill
Directed by Krisha Maynard

Performances: November 9-10 at 8 PM, November 11 at 2 PM
First Church in Marlborough, 37 High Street, Marlborough MA

Jen Drummond as Marlene
Michelle Leibowitz as Isabella Bird, Mrs. Kidd and Louise
Alanna Rose Lynch as Kit and Waitress
Carla Mariarosa as Pope Joan and Joyce
Kim MacCormack as Patient Griselda, Nell and Jeanine
Kelly McGowan as Shona and Waitress
Roxanne Morse as Lady Nijo and Win
Tiffany Santiago as Dull Gret and Angie

Top Girls is about a career-driven woman named Marlene, who is only interested in women’s success in business. In the famous opening scene, she hosts a dinner party for a group of famous women from history. As the play unfolds, the audience learns that Marlene has left behind a “poor” life in order to tread the path to “success.”  Directed by Krisha Maynard and produced by Bryson Michael, this production will examine the role of women in society, and what it means to be a “successful” woman.

Summer and Smoke

by Tennessee Williams
Directed by Alecia Thomas
Producer – Krisha Maynard
Stage Manager – Jacob C. McDonald
Technical Director – Rich Greaves
Costume Designer – Lori Rabeler

Our season-opening production of Summer and Smoke by Tennessee Williams ran March 23-25, featuring the talents of…

Stephanie Barney as Rosa Gonzales
Katharine Braun-Levine as The Stone Angel, Eternity
Karen Dinehart as Mrs. Bassett
Billy Del Sesto as Dusty and Vernon
David Foster as Dr. Buchanan
Erica Goddard as Alma Winemiller
Krystyana Greaves as Nellie Ewell
Doug Hodge as Mr. Kramer
Cathy S Koerwer as Mrs. Winemiller
Colleen Locke as Rosemary
Chris J.M. Maloney as Papa Gonzales
Colin McIntire as Roger Doremus
Bill Novakowski as Rev. Winemiller
and Dustin Teuber as Dr. John Buchanan Jr.

Summer and Smoke follows a high-strung minister’s daughter, and the wild young doctor who is her nextdoor neighbor. The two explore the many facets – romantic, physical, spiritual – of love.


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